Stuart Cozens

Managing Director & Company Owner

Stuart has 20 years experience in the Facade industry working for & with many companies developing a in depth  technical knowledge of Facade design. 

Andrew Crump

Design Manager

Andrew has over 10 years of experience in the construction industry, having spent 5+ years in the façade industry. He has a wide range of industry knowledge from Curtain Walling to Rainscreen Cladding systems.

Steve Frost

Facade Designer

Steve worked in the Auto-Door industry for 20 years before joining the Zencos team in 2016, he is now predominantly a Curtain Wall designer. 

Aris Karvelas

Facade Designer

Aris has 8 years of knowledge in the Facade industry with a speciality in cladding design and scheduling. 

Jonny Bell

Facade Designer

Jonny has been actively employed within the façade industry for the last 13 years, gaining experience working with various kinds of curtain walling, window and door systems.

Emmy Franklin

Document Controller

Emmy began working at Zencos Architectural in 2017 as a Document Controller. New to the Facade Industry she is currently developing industry skills and knowledge to reach her goal to become a Facade Designer.